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You might think that the roof of your house doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. After all, nobody really goes up there, right? While this is true, a dirty and unkempt roof can drastically ruin the appearance of your home, not to mention shorten the lifespan of the roofing materials. For these reasons, it is essential to hire roof cleaning professionals in Augusta ME regularly, and we’re here to offer the best service in the area. You will be amazed at how our roof cleaning experts will instantly boost your home’s curb appeal by removing algae, stains, and more in just a few hours!

Benefits Of Our Augusta Roof Cleaning Services

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We know that roof cleaning in Augusta ME is a versatile job, and we need to be ready to tackle anything that our customers need. That’s why we specialize in cleaning a wide array of different roofing types, and every job we complete is done to the highest standard. Whether you have delicate roof tiles, asphalt, or perhaps even a metal roof, our team is trained to deal with all types of materials. Thanks to our soft washing technique, we are able to clean all roof types with zero risk of damage, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Nothing matters more to us than our customers’ satisfaction. You can expect a completely professional and friendly service from the initial point of contact through to the end of the cleaning. There is no question we can’t answer, and no job is too big or small. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. Our team is dedicated to bringing you a service with a smile. We’ll always be respectful to you and your property and schedule the cleaning around your schedule. If there’s anything you’re unhappy with, which we’re confident won’t be the case, we’re always on hand to make things right.

Allowing anyone onto your property to complete roof cleaning in Augusta ME comes with concerns. After all, how do you know that they’ll do the work safely? And if they don’t, are they carrying the right insurance so that you won’t be in danger of paying out of pocket for accidents? Well, we have some great news! Our company is fully insured so there’s absolutely no risk to you. You can feel confident allowing our professional and skilled cleaners onto your property, and in the highly unlikely event that anything goes wrong, we’ve got it covered.

Central Maine Roof Cleaning Risks

One of the biggest mistakes people make with roof cleaning in Central Maine, is using the wrong cleaning techniques. Opting to use pressure washing might seem like a good idea, but this can damage the roof materials and lead to costly repairs. Instead, we use an approach called soft washing, which combines powerful cleaning detergents with low pressure to reveal incredible results. What’s more, everything we use is 100% eco-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your roof or the environment! It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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Pressure washing is a bad choice for roof cleaning in Augusta ME as the high-pressure water jets will cause damage to the roofing materials. This could also lead to water becoming lodged in between tiles which may weaken the home’s structure and cause mold.

We use a technique for roof cleaning in Augusta ME known as soft washing. This is a combination of low-pressure water and intense cleaning solutions that are designed to remove lichen, algae, dirt, and much more without the risk of damage. What’s more, it’s all eco-friendly!

We recommend opting for roof cleaning in Augusta ME, at least once every year. This will work well for the average home but, if your property is heavily exposed to wildlife or bad weather, then you might need more regular cleaning. We can discuss your needs to find the right schedule for you!

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is bringing you a fairly priced service. This means charging based on the size of the roof so that there are no hidden costs and everything is fully upfront before any work is started. Fill out our hassle-free quote now to get started!

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